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Metro Tiles in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013

Here’s a kind of fun web part I found on Codeplex. You can jump on the tiles bandwagon in SharePoint 2010. It’s packaged nicely in 2 wsp files and creates a list to hold the data. Built in images are very nice.
It’s called the Metro Grid webpart and they have done a nice job on the packaging and icons.


Notes from the Edge: SharePoint 2012 Conference, Las Vegas

Having just got home from Las Vegas, I’d like to relate some of the things I saw at the MS SharePoint 2012 conference. With over 10,000 attendees filling up the Mandalay Bay beach, I am amazed year after year of the growth. When I started working with SharePoint in 2001, who would have thought it turned into this.
Bon Jovi rocking out at Mandalay Bay for the SharePoint conference.

 Cloud everything
    You probably couldn’t go one sentence in any session without hearing cloud. What does this mean? You better get a strategy in place because it is coming fast. MS is “all in” on cloud according to Steve Ballmer. As a developer, or infrastructure professional things will change quickly. For developers it’s going to be about RESTful web services, JSON, javascript, jquery, cloud app model, Azure services, OAuth, OData and Azure services. [...]

Topics for in-house SharePoint 2010 training

Topics for in-house SharePoint 2010 training
Here are some ideas to cover during a company’s cutover to SharePoint 2010. Many users will be confused by the ribbon so that’s the main area of focus.

 Main navigation, how to use the folder icon to navigate home from any page.
How the ribbon works
Browse, Page tabs (on Pages)
Browse, Items, List tabs (on Lists)
Browse, Documents, Library tabs (on Libraries)
How the ribbon changes depending on what type of page you are on, page, list, or library
How the checkboxes work to View item, edit item
What do multiple checkboxes do if you select more than one?
Try it out, navigate to a document library, try to view item and edit item through the ribbon
Also show alternate way on the list by clicking Title or Edit icon
Try it out, navigate to a list, try to view item and [...]