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Setting up Office 365 on a WordPress hosted domain name

Many people use for their public facing website.  If WordPress manages your domain (i.e. your name server is pointing to WordPress, then you will need to set up Office 365 DNS entries on WordPress.  When setting up Office 365, you have to add appropriate DNS entries for CNAME, SRV, TXT, and MX records. The typical instructions per Microsoft look like the following:

(These are for the domain, change accordingly)

To add these entries in WordPress, go to your Dashboard, Store, Domains, Edit Domain.  The problem is, if you paste these straight into WordPress, it will not work. WordPress uses a shortened version for CNAME.

For the SIP and LyncDiscover CNAMES, take out the “” and it will work. If you don’t do this, you will get a “Cannot connect to server” error on Lync on your iPhone.

Below are the correct format DNS entries for WordPress hosted domains to work with Office 365 [...]

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    Fun with custom SharePoint Ribbon buttons using the built-in image formatmap32x32.png

Fun with custom SharePoint Ribbon buttons using the built-in image formatmap32x32.png


While creating a new ribbon button, you will have to pick the button image.


This handy image is located here: http://yousite/_layouts/en/images/formatmap32x32.png

Now you will need to reference the top left corner of the image:

Open it in MS Paint and hover the top left corner of the image to get the approximate values. Each image is 32×32 pixels, so you can just start multiplying by 32 to go across and same to go down to get the exact values.

So, for example, go 448 px down and 384 px from the left

This image for the check mark

is located at Image32by32Top=”-448″
Image32by32Left=”-384″ (down at the bottom right corner)



For the formatmap16x16.png image just divide by 2.


Here is a portion of the Elements.xml that references the button image location:



LabelText=”Approve Records to Delete”

ToolTipTitle=”Approve Records to Delete”

ToolTipDescription=”Check all records to delete then press this button after all records have been selected on this page.”





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Understanding Office 365 terms

Here’s a good reference of what the actual deliverables are for Office 365. The terms can get confusing, especially when trying to understand the Office 365 Pro Plus and the desktop suite.

•Office 365 Platform includes information about the Office 365 hosted solution platform that is common across the other services. The Office 365 Platform service description is where you’ll find details about Office 365 user management, support, service updates, privacy and security policies, and other operational details that apply across the individual services and are part of the core Office 365 service.

•Exchange Online is a hosted messaging service offered in some Office 365 plans that web-based email, calendar, contacts, and tasks from PCs, the web, and mobile devices. In the Exchange Online service description, you can easily see which Exchange features are available across Office 365 plans. In addition, you can compare Exchange Online feature availability to an Exchange [...]