This is more for my benefit as a reminder of steps, but if you use Makecab.exe for your .wsp packages, it is important to install new versions that don’t step on old versions.  I keep old versions set to “No New Instance” and then New versions pick up the new version of the workflow.

New Version of Sharepoint workflow using a .wsp Package
Solution – add Solution folder “Deploy”
Add Manifest.xml (xml)
Add Solution.ddf (text)
1. Manifest.xml – change SolutionID using New Guid
2. Manifest.xml-change Destination Location folder to include version number.
3. Change Assembly version to next version, Properties, Application, Assembly Information
4. Solution.ddf – change CabinetNameTemplate
5. Solution.ddf – increment version on Feature Folder name (2nd name, leave first folder same since this is the source folder).
6. Feature.xml, change feature ID to new GUID.
7. Feature.xml- change Title to include version number
8. Feature.xml-Change Description to include version number
9. Workflow.xml –Change Name  to include version number 
10. Workflow.xml -Change Description to include version number
11. Workflow.xml-Change workflow ID to new GUID.
12. Workflow.xml- change CodeBesideAssembly to increment version number.

10.   Delete feature.xml, workflow.xml from Features folder, re-Deploy on DEV to write these files out again.

11.   Run MakeCab /f Solution.ddf

Create WSP

Instructions for creating a .wsp file:

•                     Add a New Solution folder to the Solution
•                     New Item – xml file – Manifest.xml


<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<Solution xmlns=””   
    <FeatureManifest Location=”EquipmentOnLoanFeaturefeature.xml” />
    <Assembly Location=”EquipmentOnLoanSendRequest.dll”
              DeploymentTarget=”GlobalAssemblyCache” />

Note: Change GUID

•                     New Item Text file- Solution.ddf



.Set CabinetNameTemplate=EquipmentOnLoanSendRequest.wsp

.Set DiskDirectoryTemplate=CDROM

.Set CompressionType=MSZIP

.Set UniqueFiles=”ON”

.Set Cabinet=On

.Set DiskDirectory1=.



“EquipmentOnLoanSendRequestfeature.xml” EquipmentOnLoanFeaturefeature.xml

“EquipmentOnLoanSendRequestworkflow.xml” EquipmentOnLoanFeatureworkflow.xml

Note: single space between source and destination folder for workflow.xml and feature.xml files.

run MakeCab:  makecab /f Solution.ddf